Lottoland is not a real lottery. It is bad news for Australia’s family run newsagencies, real lottery agents and our local communities.

Lottoland pays no State or Territory lottery taxes

Real lotteries pay more than $1.1 billion every year in State and Territory lottery taxes which helps fund critical community services and facilities.

Real lotteries help fund local schools, hospitals and roads

Betting companies like Lottoland pay no lotteries taxes; taxes which should be put back into local hospitals, schools and roads, they leave virtually nothing behind for our community.

Lottoland could destroy our business

Over 4,000 small business lottery retailers around Australia could lose more than 50% of their revenue.

Newsagent Lotto Lottoland
Newsagent Lotto

Real lotteries are real lotteries.

When you play a real lottery, you buy a real lottery ticket in a real lottery game with real lottery balls. You buy the ticket at your local family run newsagency or lottery retailer.


Real lotteries pay real lottery taxes.

Real lotteries contribute significantly to State and Territory revenues. Last year alone, more than $1.1 billion was paid to State and Territory governments in lottery taxes.


Real lotteries keep us in business.

Over 4,000 small business lottery retailers around Australia rely on real lotteries for more than 50% of their revenue in most cases. It’s what keeps the doors to our business open and helps employ thousands of people in our local communities.


Real lotteries are regulated as lotteries.

Real lotteries are regulated to safeguard consumers. Real lotteries are funded by the cash raised from the sales of the actual lottery you are participating in – the funds supporting the prize pool are in the bank - they are held in real cash.


Lottoland is betting.

Lottoland is a bookie and not a lottery operator. That’s why you can’t enter a lottery via Lottoland. Instead you place a bet with them. That’s why there’s a Federal Court order stopping them from suggesting you’re actually participating in a lottery.


Lottoland pays no State or Territory lottery taxes.

Lottoland is not required to pay State or Territory lottery taxes. If more players move from real lotteries to Lottoland, governments will lose these taxes that currently help fund schools, hospitals and roads.


Lottoland could destroy our business.

Losing lottery customers to Lottoland will destroy family run newsagencies and small businesses. When you gamble with Lottoland, you’re gambling away the future of small Australian businesses and the families they support.


Lottoland isn't regulated like real lotteries.

Online lottery betting operators are not subject to the rigorous regulatory regime applied to traditional licensed lottery operators that protect consumers and ensure lotteries prizes are paid to winners.


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